Prologue- Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 Click Here


No, I don’t know you…who are you… I couldn’t stop myself. I asked her you know me Na…so tell me what has happened to me? How come I am here? Why my dad was lying? Is this 2015?

Rajiv Rajiv….calm down she said
I will answer all your questions. But promise me that you won’t panic. You always do this to me Rajiv. Don’t tell your parents either or else they will restrict me too to meet you.
“Ok I promise I won’t tell anyone,” I said spontaneously
“I am your childhood friend Priya”
What??? I said in no time
“Are you serious”
Rajiv you promised me you won’t get hyper.
“Ok please continue” I apologised
Rajiv you met with an accident. You were in a comma for almost two months. And it seems to be you have lost little memory.
“I don’t believe this” I stopped her mid sentences
If you are my childhood friend how come I don’t remember you?
Priya seemed to be getting tensed
How do I know? Priya replied


Dad and doctor broke our conversation.
So Rajiv watsup? How are you feeling now? Doctor inquired in a happy state
“I am good doctor” I replied
I have good news for you Rajiv. You are getting discharge now. You can go back home tonight.

This story is not only of Rajiv but also of Priya,  Kavya and Meera. We all make choices in life. A choice that can make you or break. Every character in this series have choices to make. Let’s see where their choices take them.

According to doctor report, he has lost his memory not entire but of 5years. Life has always been strange and unlucky for Rajiv, or I could better say unlucky for loser Rajiv. I have already introduced you to my 3 characters, let me introduce Kavya. Kavya is the most important character of this novel and of Rajiv’s heart. It all started on……


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