Prologue: Hidden Pages of My Life

new(13)“I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.”
— Roy Croft








Prologue: Hidden Pages of My Life from Thousand Days of Love (Part 1)

Chapter: Prologue Part 1

Novel Name: Thousand Days Of Love


The loud hustle and bustle noise of the crying yelling went inside my ear resulted in an electric shake in my body. I opened my eyes, a young girl was sitting beside on the table while I was lying on the bed. Unconscious of what is happening around still unable to utter a word, the girl was wearing a skinny colour top, her eyes swollen giving a hint of the sleepless night she must have spent.


A loud noise of Doctor Doctor…The doctor broke my thoughts, within a span of few seconds people surrounded me. I was confused

Who the hell are they? Where am I?  Who was that girl crying?

Dozens of thought fused in my mind. A severe headache nailed into my head which turned me into an unconscious state. Suddenly everything got blanked.


Train siren voice entered in my unconscious mind as if it will take my breath away. I felt like someone pushed me from the running train. Something in me said, “You cannot die Rajiv…you cannot.” These words echoed in my mind. I felt like Train passed upon me. I shouted Noooo in a loud voice and my eyes forced wide open.


I felt the warm of my Mom’s hand lying on my forehead. “Mummy,” recurring from my bad dream I was barely able to speak. My only word brought a smile on her face. She quickly hugged me. She soon called dad and doctor. Dad came in excitement and doctor too joined him.

Doctor started checking my blood pressure.  Clueless about being in the hospital I inquired, how come I am in this hospital?


What happened to me? Dad in a normal tone told nothing just a minor accident. U slipped in the bathroom. Dad avoiding an eye contact. So did my Mom.

One girl entered in my room. She looked identical but I couldn’t remember anything. She was pretty but her eye hinted me of the sleepless night.



Mom who is she?  I asked.

“Aacha toh now you don’t even remember me …huh?”

Mom and Dad began to leave for some formality with Doctor.

“Do I know you”? I asked again.

“When I’ll kick your ass then you will recognise me.” She seemed confident and arrogant with a smile on her face.


Mom, I shouted aloud.

 She felt the anxiety of my voice and stopped midway.

Mom, I seriously don’t know her. I said in a frustrated voice. Doctor & Dad too understood the seriousness of the situation.

Doctor came towards me and suggested to calm down. “What is your name?” doctor asked me.

“Doctor I know my name…its Rajiv” I said in bit angry tone.

“You are alright but please co-operate with me,” Doctor said in serious tone.

What is your full name?

“Rajiv Singh,” I said


What is your dad name?

I answered him. It was strange to answer such question and I was getting angrier


What is your age?



Mom and dad both gave me a strange look.


May I know the name of your college? Doctor continued

PAC College of commerce


Mom and Dad seemed to be worried now. The doctor suggested me to take rest and restricted my parents to meet me.

After few hours, I was shifted to another room. Nurse told me that they are taking me for CT SCAN (COMPUTERISED TOMOGRAPHY)


Till now I was clueless cum confused. Why am I here? Why the hell the doctor asked me such stupid question? What has happened to me?  Too many questions invented headache in me. To get away from such thought I looked around. I saw a flower bouquet written GET WELL SOON RAJIV from PRIYA.


 I remembered Priya she was my childhood friend. I was happy to see Priya’s good wishes. If today she was here she would have cleared all my thoughts. Where is she? Her best friend is in the hospital and she is not even concerned to come and see me. I turned around one thing almost shattered me. The Calendar. I was shocked.



 19th December 2014, What the fuck? How can it be possible?  If today is 19th Dec what the hell I did so many days. Why did dad lie to me? Slipping in the bathroom doesn’t take 5 years to recover. Why I was admitted to the hospital? Was I in a comma, that for 5 years? What is the reason behind it?

I seriously wanted an answer for these. Mom and dad were missing I wanted to talk to them.

The same girl entered my room. It was 9 pm. I didn’t realise when I had fallen asleep. She woke me up. I looked at her she was curious.

She initiated, “How are you Rajiv?”

Before I could utter a word!!  She asked me “you seriously don’t remember me” she spoke in very low tone. “And not even her?”

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