#Chapter 3:- When your crush ditches friendship saves

#Chnew(4)apter 3:- When your crush ditches friendship saves


“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”

                          —– by Max Muller





Click Here for Chapter 1: Oh Shit Not Again

My #LazySaturday was about to turn into #SizzlingSaturday. It was 5pm. My alarm clock ditched me like an politician after the election, my power nap turned into a long sleep.
I got up from the bed quickly recollecting all the thrown clothes and potato chips lying on the bed. My phone beeped. I picked up the phone, a  message from Priya. I ignored it.Till now I haven’t received any message from Meera. I left the phone on the table and went to take a shower.

Author Speaks:- It wasn’t like any other day for Rajiv, this moment meant the world to him, a girl of his dreams had invited him for a movie. Just imagine I know this sound like a dream to most of the guys like us but for rajiv but this was happening in real.
 That day Meera was all over him. He was hamming. She was in the lyrics of his song. Rajiv  applied extra shampoo and spend more time than usual so as to look fresh. His first step of going Crazy in this Stupid Love.

Click here for Chapter 2: My Dominating Girl-Friend

The first thing I did after coming out from the shower was to check my phone. No message yet. I thought to ask her because I couldn’t like this waiting game.

I called her. She didn’t pick the call
Damn why girls have to do so.
I dialled the number again. It was ringing…ringing. As I was about to hang up I heard her Beautiful voice “Hello”

Hey, Meera… is the movie plan still on? I Haven’t received any message from you ? I asked her directly
“Oh shit, I forgot about the plan?”
“I am so so so so Sorry Rajiv”She said like a girlish tone.  I have a news story to cover.
News story? I asked a bit disappointmently.

“Ohh I forgot to tell you, yeah I m doing an internship with ALLStar news. This news is very important for my career.”
“Sorry rajiv….  I really don’t know how to apologise.”

Hmmm, it’s ok Meera u don’t have . It’s really ok maybe we can meet later when you are free…. Maybe next weekend. I acted sportively.
“Yes sure next weekend pakka”
Bye bye, Rajiv nice u called me I hope u understand my situation.
Yeah completely…  “Bye Meera”

I wasn’t happy. All day I was thinking of her and now at the end she ditched me. My so called #SizzlyingSaturday has turned into #LazySaturday. I thought to call Sid over but I heard a door bell.

I opened the door.It was Priya with lots of shopping bag. Why the hell you didn’t reply me back? What are you looking at? Now get aside let me come in? Priya shouted as the bags were too many.

You brought an entire shop or what? I inquired
No, just a normal daily clothes
She did trail at my house and showed me each and every clothes and asked me the same question again and again HOW DO I LOOK? AM I LOOKING FAT IN THIS? Blah Blah…
Fuck, you brought 10 of them? I asked her while clicking pictures.
“Yes, 11 pairs to be precise,” she said while posing.

Apart from a foodie, she was turning into a shopaholic also. she had a simple funda LIVE LIFE KING SIZE.

No matter my so called love ditched me today but I had my best friend with me whom no one can replace.

Author speaks: – Rajiv didn’t know  that they were painting a memory that day. We all think too much about our future and fail to enjoy present. They had a sober night, they drank, watched a movie together and Rajiv captured each and every moment with Priya on his camera. But that night something strange happened to Rajiv

While I was sleeping that night. A fast train siren loud noise woke me up. My eyes went wide open I was sweating like hell. I shouted like mad dog in my dreams.

What happened? Are you okay? She ran and brought water for me

Priya was still awake she was watching movie.

“From the last couple of weeks, some accident  scene is disturbing me.”

“We were watching action movie and you went asleep. Its just a bad Dream nothing else. Stop thinking about it.” Priya suggested and hugged me.



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