3 people who changed my life


Right from the day we are born; we are struggling…aren’t we? You might, might not agree. Wait let me share my own personal experience for better mutual understanding.

I started struggling from the day I was born and I still struggle in different walks of life.

The struggle to walk; struggle to tie my shoe laces; struggle of analyzing the clock; struggle to remember math’s table; spending sleepless night to give my best shot in exam; struggle to learn bike riding, a struggle of confidently asking a girl out.(I haven’t learned that yet)

So my point is between my struggles of learning, I came across some “moment” and “person” that are very special even today in my life.

This brings back me to the topic. Here is my 3 interesting moment and influences of my life which submits me today.



  1. Be your Own clown:-

My childhood friend Sidharth, who acted funny during lectures. Now you must be thinking, what will funny guy teach you?

He taught a very important lesson which I realized later, never take your life too seriously. Whenever you are stressed just smile and face the situation. Smiling won’t reduce the pressure but will give you the confidence to face it. It may sound cliché but it is very effective.



  1. Some right decision:-

While playing cricket match once a fight broke out between me and my neighbor. As a result, I was the one who was beaten up more, reacting like any other kid I decided to take revenge..!!!

 I convinced my dad to enroll me in summer training program which includes various indoor and outdoor games.

 I choose kung-fu, what happened after??  Is that important?

 Practicing kung-fu unknowingly changed a lot in me. It not only improved my physical health and stamina but also gave me the mental power to deal with the situation better. 



  1. While growing up:-

People say teenage period is the most difficult phase of growing up. Since, I have gone through those hormonal changes. I know how difficult it was to make choices. A choice that can make you or Break you


While growing up, I started facing problems in studies, mis-management, relationship etc. I am not so close to Mom and Dad, so I didn’t share my problem with them.

Instead, I had a friend named Rajiv, he treated me like his younger brother. So I shared most of my stuff with him.


I would like to share one moment from many, when I was in my 10th grade, I was suffering from Malaria, it took 2months to recover. As a result, I couldn’t cope up with studies and I was lagging behind.


Rajiv gave me 2 advice:


I will be brief over here, scheduling helped me to maintain studies and divide work load with difficult and easy subjects. Setting target helped me to achieve it.

  1. Don’t react Just write-


Second thing he asked me to make a dairy, why?  To write whenever, anything bothers me in life.

At the age of 16, I really found this stupid but as the time progressed.  I made it a habit of writing before going to sleep.

I didn’t know how it became useful but writing down such memories, thoughts, anger, rage, sad and happy moment helped me to discover myself, reduce my tension which resulted in better sleep.

He also told me after a year ends, go through it and ask yourself, Do they exist anymore?

I was surprised to see that such problem was a minor problem of life which I shouldn’t have bothers much. With very growing year I continued writing and by the end of year I burned those memories.

 I still pen down all my problems before going to sleep. This process has made me expressive and given me reason to start writing a blog.

Try this progress for better sleep.

Thanks for love and support for Thinkingbeerblog J



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